Math Game Art Word Music PuzzleGame
Addition • Subtraction
How many gems can you find? Dig deep into the mine to find gold, emeralds, rubies and diamonds.
Make Ten
Can you stop the squares from stacking up? Make rows of ten so they will disappear.
Can you win the tug of war? Get some addition muscle.
Number Line
Move your kayak to avoid rocks on the number line. Can you get to the finish line first?
Place Value
How do you count all the pins you've knocked down? Use ten frames to group them.
Can you catch all the butterflies? How many of each color have you caught? What equation matches?
Number Line
Can you catch all the bugs? Net them where they land on the number line.
Gather jewels! Can you figure out the unknown addend by counting them?
Use subtraction push power to push your opponent out of the ring.
Add Subtract Multiply Divide
Can you get five in row? Play math bingo.
Place Value • 11-19
Can you clear off all the balls? Use the ten frame to find your next target.
Can you make ten without going over ten?