Balloon Pop

Start X X Line Plot of Your Scores

Balloon Pop – Line Plot Game

Are you looking for a fun way to teach line plots and data collection? What could be more fun than shooting balloons with a slingshot?

In this fun game, try to pop as many balloons as possible. Simply pull the slingshot back, aim, and let go! In each round, ten balloons will float by. After you’ve popped them or they’ve passed by, you’ll get a score. Then, place an x on the number line on the same number that matches your score. As each score is tallied after each round, students add to the line plot.

Wondering how to use this data collection game in the classroom? Here are some tips:

  • Ask students to play the game and copy the line plot in their math journals.
  • After playing the game for a number of rounds, ask students to come up with their own version of the game in the real world and demonstrate how it would work, including the creation of a line plot.
  • Show students how to calculate the mode and median of their line plots. Ask them to calculate these numbers after playing ten more rounds of Balloon Pop.
  • After playing the game, ask students to create a line plot for one of the following data collection topics:
    • The favorite sport of students in the class.
    • What students in the class had for breakfast.
    • What color socks students in the class are wearing.

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