Math Game Art Word Music PuzzleGame
Can you get all your cars around the track first?
Steer the line to collect stars and grow. How long can the line get?
Play Tic Tac Toe against the computer.
How far can the inch worm go by riding balloons?
Line Plot
How many balloons can you pop? Track your scores in a line plot.
Multiplication Array
Round up the cows. What is the best way to count them?
Pie Chart
Help the diver catch all the jewels. Which jewel do you have the most of?
Picture Graph
Cast your line and move it up and down to catch fish. Use a picture graph to count how many fish you've caught.
Can you avoid the trolls? Weave between the mushrooms and pick up all the jewels.
Watch out for asteroids while you gather space crystals.
Hit the orange ball into the monsters, before they capture all of your players.
Can you get around all the obstacles and put your ball into the hole?
Turn the circles your color by surrounding them with your pieces.
Play a game of checkers against the computer.
Can you capture the leader of the other team?
Move the the squares so the fish bump into each other before they make it to the end.
Create and play in your very own playset universe.