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Rain Drops
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Math Mine Multiply Divide
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Missing Divisor
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Math Test
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Math Flash Cards

Original and fun division games aimed at increasing math fluency & math facts in the Elementary School classroom.  Fractions, division equations, division tests, flashcards, speed games & more!

Children can learn about division through understanding fractions with the games Touchdown and Rain Drops. Touchdown uses the concept of a football running down a field to develop an understanding of fractions divided by four, whereas Rain Drops teaches fractions with varying denominators. Math Mine Multiply Divide allows kids to create and solve their own equations while having fun smashing blocks and digging for gems. The classic game Bingo offers multiple levels of division equations for kids to solve. Finally, kids can quiz themselves on their division facts with Flash Cards and Math Test.

Teachers around the world trust Toy Theater to provide safe and effective online games for the elementary school classroom. Free to play, priceless to learn division!