Spin this fun online spinner and see what color or number you land on! 

What is a Virtual Spinner?

A virtual spinner is a fun classroom tool that can make lessons engaging and fun for students. Just like a spinner you might use for a board game, this online spinner tool randomly selects a color or number. Our online spinner is completely unbiased and gives a random answer every time. 

How to Use the Online Spinner 

The online spinner is simple to use. Simply choose the number or color option by selecting the corresponding spinner in the top right-hand corner. Select how many colors or numbers will appear on the spinner by clicking on the number button, also in the top right-hand corner. Then, choose a number from the dropdown list. To spin the spinner, simply click anywhere on the spinner. Then, watch it spin and see where the arrow lands!  

How to Use the Online Spinner as a Part of Classroom Lessons

There are many ways to incorporate an online spinner into classroom activities and lessons. Watching the spinner spin and giving students the chance to spin the spinner makes the classroom more fun and engaging. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Board Games: When playing a board game, use the online spinner instead of dice. You can use the number option or the color option depending on the game you play. Create a class board game by drawing a simple path on the board. Then, form teams and have students play the game using magnets as game pieces. You can even have students answer math problems before they’re allowed to spin the spinner. 
  • Probability: The online spinner can also be used for teaching probability. For example, how likely is it that the spinner will land on the number 5? Or how likely is it that it will land on the color yellow? Change the number of colors or numbers showing on the spinner to demonstrate to students how probability changes depending on the number of options available. 
  • Decision Making: Is your class having a hard time making a decision? Let the online spinner decide! Assign each activity or task a color. Then, spin to see which task or activity is chosen.
  • Create Groups: Have each student spin the online spinner to see which group they’ll be in! 
  • Choose a Student: The online spinner can also be used to select a student who will perform a task or answer a question.
  • Create a Math Problem: Select the number option on the online spinner. Then, spin two or more times. Have students add the numbers, multiply them, or subtract them. You can even have students practice place value by writing out a series of digits. Then, they can write out the number using words. 

The online spinner can streamline classroom activities while keeping students interested and engaged. Give it a shot and see how much students love spinning the spinner!

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Meta description: Use this free online spinner to make lessons and activities more engaging. Choose colors or numbers to adjust the virtual spinner to your needs.