Coin Flip


Coin Flip

Lucky coin, lucky coin, what will it be? Heads or tails? Find out with the online coin flipper!

What is the Coin Flipper Virtual Manipulative?

The coin flip tool allows you to flip one or many coins at once. The simplified drawings of heads and tails make it easy to identify the results of the coin flip. Each flip is completely random, giving real-life results without the noise or the hassle of lost coins.

How to Use the Online Coin Flipper

This tool is easy to use. Simply click and drag a coin into the playing area. Then, tap the flip button to flip the coin. You can drag as many coins into the playing area as you’d like. They’ll all flip when you hit the flip button. To get rid of all of the coins, simply press the trashcan button.

How to Use it as a Part of Classroom Lessons

It is perfect for probability lessons. Use it to introduce the topic by projecting the coin flipper on your smartboard, allowing the whole class to see the results. Have students explore the probability that a coin will give a heads or tails response by flipping the coin a certain number of times. Here are some activities and lessons to try:

  • Predictions: Ask students to flip one coin 10 times. Have students predict how many times the coin will show up heads or tails. Have them keep track of how many times the coin lands heads or tails with tally marks. Repeat the activity several times to determine an average. This can help students understand probability.
  • Percentages and Fractions: Practice determining percentages or fractions. Have students put 4 coins in the playing area. Then, flip all the coins. Figure out what percentage of coins are heads and what percentage are tails. Make it more complicated by adding more coins to the playing area.
  • Heads vs. Tails: For this game, students work in pairs. Each student should choose whether they are “heads” or “tails.” Then, flip one or two coins ten times. Each student keeps track of how many points they earn. They earn one point for each coin that shows heads if they chose heads or tails if they chose heads. For the next round, have the partners switch sides and earn points for the opposite side of the coin.
  • Making Decisions: It is also an excellent tool for decision-making. Project it onto your screen when your class needs to choose between two activities. Then, assign each activity the outcome of heads or tails. Which activity will win?

Students can have fun while learning with these fun activities using the coin flip virtual manipulative. It is engaging while opening up learning opportunities. Use it as a part of your math centers, with the whole class, or with small groups.

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