Space Race


Space Race Counting Game

Do your students need to practice counting up to 10? This fun online counting game makes counting fun by turning it into a space race. Without even realizing they’re practicing math, children will count over and over again to win this game.

How do you play? Count to any yellow square within 10 spaces from your ship and tap that number on the screen. Watch as your ship advances to that square! If you count incorrectly and land on a white square, your ship will bounce back to where you were. Hurry, the other ship will win if you don’t count quickly! The sound effects make this online counting game fun and exciting.

There are five levels in this game. In each level, the other ship moves a little bit faster! So, students will have to up their game and count more quickly in order to win.

Use this game for early finishers, as a math station, or as a small group activity! From kindergarteners to students who need extra practice, this counting game will increase number sense, boost recognition of numerals, and help students practice cardinality.

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