Butterfly Online Addition Game

Can you catch all of the butterflies? But watch out for the bees! After you catch the butterflies, you’ll work on your counting skills. 

To play, tap the butterflies. They’ll float up to the five-frame. If you accidentally tap a bee, the level will start over again. Once you’ve caught all of the butterflies, it’s time to do some addition! Choose the addition equation that matches the butterflies as shown in the five frame. The butterflies are arranged by color to show an addition problem. If you choose the correct equation, you’ll move to the next level. There are ten levels in total. With each level, there will be more bees that interfere, making it more difficult to catch the butterflies. Can you beat all of the levels?

This online addition game is perfect for introducing children to addition. Children can use the visual support of the butterflies in the five frame to count and determine which equation is correct. Plus, catching the butterflies makes the virtual addition game engaging and enjoyable. 

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