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Addition Games

bingo math game
kayak number line game
space race counting game
Space Race
Math Flash Cards
mission addition game
Mission Addition
bug catcher number line math game
Bug Catcher
addition pull math game
Addition Pull
cavern ten frame math game
math mine addition subtraction game
Math Mine Add Subtract
Missing Addend
moves strategic math game
skip count race math game
Skip Count Race
butterfly counting game
math test
Math Test
addition scale math game
Addition Scale

Multiple original and fun addition games aimed at increasing math fluency and math facts in the First Grade and Second Grade classroom. Addition equations, number lines, speed games, math tests, skip count, flash cards, concrete representation, five frames, ten frames, and more!

Addition Scale is a fun way to teach children about the meaning of the equal sign.  Kids can learn to solve equations with the help of a five frame and a ten frame with Butterfly and Cavern, while having fun collecting butterflies or gems.   Kayak and Bug Catcher teach addition equations with the use of a number line and Math Mine Add Subtract lets kids mine for gems while solving their own equations. The classic and popular game Bingo, has multiple levels of difficulty to work on solving math equations. Increase the speed of equation solving with the super fun Mission Addition that harkens back to old-school Space Invaders games.  Skip Count Race helps transition kids to multiplication from addition with a fun truck race.  Finally, kids can quiz themselves to assess their math facts with Math Test or Math Flash Cards

Teachers around the world trust Toy Theater to provide safe and effective free online games and activities that can be integrated into today’s schools. Free to play, priceless for learning addition!