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Transforming Balloon Pop From a Line Graph to a Line Plot Game

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Math Concept

I had a line graph game where you stop monkeys from flying away by popping their balloons and you record your score on a line graph. I looked for the requirements for a line graph in the common core standards and discovered that instead of a line graph there was something called a line plot. After some research into exactly what a line plot was, I set about redoing Balloon Pop in html5 and making it teach something about line plots.

Now I find line plots less intuitive than line graphs but I understand that they set the stage for more complex statistical concepts down the road.


While flash could keep up with user presses in real time, html5 was a little slow, which meant I had to change from popping the balloon with your mouse to launching a ball at it. Once all the balloons had passed over, you had a score. Then you have an x which you need to drag and drop onto the proper column off possible scores from 0 to 10. Over time you use the data of scores from playing the game to create a line plot of your performance. Which probably will center around your average score.

Its right on with the curriculum and I think you can walk away from the game with a better concept of what line plot is.

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