The Number Line And River Rapids

Making a math game to move along the number line presents some challenges. The first is how to move your character if they are sitting on the number line. Read more»

Round Up Those Arrays Cowboy

One way to get at the concept of multiplication is to represent a value as a rectangular array columns and rows. Presenting a problem like 3 x 4 allows a player to count the objects one by one if they don't know the multiplication answer. It also helps to link numbers to geometry concepts down the road. Read more»

Connect: New York Math Teachers Conference and Tetris

I was at the New York Annual Math Teachers Conference in Buffalo a few years back and one of the teachers was telling me about working on strategies to make ten with his students. Read more»

Math Addition, Subtraction Game Inspired By Minecraft

I fell in love with playing Minecraft with my kids. I loved the spatial metaphor of defining each bit of air around you with a block, and allowing the player to redefine that space on the fly.  I thought long and hard about how to incorporate this idea into a math game. Unfortunately the web is not ready yet to deliver a high quality real time 3d experience to players through web browser. Read more»

Combining a Classic Race Game with Counting, The Space Race Game

There is a category of games which probably represents the oldest type of game, race games. This includes classics like Parcheesi, Candy Land, Sorry, Trouble, Cribbage etc. The basic goal of these games is to get your piece around the board before any other player. Read more»

Transforming Balloon Pop From a Line Graph to a Line Plot Game

I had a line graph game where you stop monkeys from flying away by popping their balloons and you record your score on a line graph. I looked for the requirements for a line graph and the common core standards and discovered that instead of a line graph there was something called a line plot. Read more»

Development of An Addition Multiplication Basketball Game

The basketball addition multiplication game evolved from an old flash basketball game that didn't work nearly as well. The essential concept was to tie each made shot to a number of points. In this way, in order to tally up your points you need to add the same number over and over again. Read more»