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Color Pattern

It’s time to race! Can you help the green superhero win?

Discover the color pattern to win. Your superhero needs a smooth sidewalk on which to run. Fill in the missing blocks in the pattern so he can win the race! There are different blocks to choose from. Click and drag on the correct colors to fill in the missing squares. Remember, your superhero can only run on the area that has the pattern filled in. So, start filling in on the left and move to the right. Each level is a little bit harder than the last. Can you beat all of the levels?

For young students, patterns are an important concept to master. By studying patterns, students make predictions and use reasoning and logic skills. Working with color patterns is a great way to introduce students to patterns. This fun online pattern game helps students build their understanding of patterns and practice recognizing them quickly.

Do your students love color patterns? Have students copy the color patterns from the game into their math journals. Or, invite students to create their own color patterns.

Visit classplayground.com for pattern block activities and printables.