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Facilitate student number sense with this kid friendly online calculator. This classroom tool was developed specifically for early learners in mind with a simple design including clear, color coded buttons. Like all of our virtual manipulatives, this teaching resource is totally free to use!

Note: The answers are rounded to four decimal places to keep the display simple. Very large and very small numbers include an “e” followed by a number. The number represents the number of decimal places to apply to the the number to the the left of the “e”. If the number following the “e” is positive the decimal moves right, if the number following the “e” is negative the decimal moves left. This is exponential notation and stands for number of times 10 is multiplied by 10. For example 52e5 = 52 × (10×10×10×10×10) or 5200000 and 52e-5 = 52 ÷ (10×10×10×10×10) or .00052.

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