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“We need to see that geometry is concerned with statements about space relations, space being at first the vague set of mental structures that make possible and organise our actions, but slowly gaining independence and becoming those same relations abstracted from experience and considered in themselves” ~ Caleb Gattegno (1971), inventor of the Geoboard

Geoboards have nearly infinite uses in the teacher’s toolkit. Originally designed as wooden boards with nails on which students would manipulate rubber bands, our online geoboard provides greater versatility and no rubber bands for students to fling across the room!

Create and compose shapes with the 13 geoboard canvases, then analyze and compare them by rotating, expanding, shrinking, flipping, or mirroring them. Make your own virtual pattern blocks then remove the dots with a blank canvas to see what you created. Move the shapes around and make a whole new design! This virtual manipulative has an endless array of possibilities for teaching number sense, geometry, fractions, probability, data management, trigonometry, calculus, and even art and design. Explore the math behind art and the art of math!

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