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Explore Toy Theater

Toy Theater offers a wide range of fun, interactive online games. Games are easy to search using the buttons at the top of the page. Simply click on the topic of interest. Then choose the grade level or subtopic.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Math Games

From counting and recognizing numerals to division and telling time, you can find loads of interactive math games here.

Language Arts

Work on spelling and letter recognition, or have students practice reading our online books!

Art and Music

Teach students to play simple songs on a keyboard and explore topics like symmetry with our art and music games.

Puzzles and Games
Our online educational puzzles and games are perfect for early finishers or indoor recess.

Teacher Tools

Need a fun timer, a spinner, or a simple way to evaluate basic math skills? Discover this and more with our virtual teacher tools.

Whether you project Toy Theater games and interactive tools on your smartboard for the whole class to see or use them during small group work, you’re sure to love them!

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