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Subtraction Games

bingo math game
kayak number line game
Math Flash Cards
bug catcher number line math game
Bug Catcher
miniature golf subtraction game
Miniature Golf
subtraction sumo game
Subtraction Sumo
cavern ten frame math game
math mine addition subtraction game
Math Mine Add Subtract
Missing Subtrahend
moves strategic math game
off frog
Off Frog
math test
Math Test

Original and fun subtraction games aimed at increasing math fluency & math facts in the First Grade & Second Grade classroom. Subtraction equations, number lines, speed games, math tests, flash cards, ten frames, & more!

Teach children how to solve subtraction equations with a number line, with a clever animation of a Kayak race or with an adorable frog in Bug Catcher. Miniature Golf has gold coin eating robots to create subtraction equations in this virtual version of the popular family game. Subtraction Sumo not only helps kids learn subtraction but also teaches children about the Japanese game of Sumo Wrestling with delightful animations. Math Mine Add Subtract lets kids form and solve their own math equations to move through a mine of cubes to find gems. The classic game Bingo helps quiz kids on their subtraction math facts, along with Math Flash Cards and Math Test.

Toy Theater is trusted by teachers around the world to provide safe and effective online educational games. Free to play, priceless to learn subtraction!.