Word Family Picture cards

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Word Family Picture Cards

“A train in the rain was pulled by a chain…” This short poem features three words in the same word family. Word families are words that have the same combination of letters and often rhyme. Some common word families are “-at, -ack, -ap, -ame, -ell, -ick, -ide, -ump.” Learning about word families can help students develop phonemic and phonological awareness as well as build reading and spelling skills.

These word family picture cards can make studying word families fun and exciting. The set features a total of 148 playing cards with 37 different word families. There are 4 cards for each word family featuring different illustrations to help students think of new words in the family. Double-tap the cards to flip them over.

Wondering how to use them? Here are a few ideas:

  • Drag and flip a card onto the playing area. Ask students to think of as many words in that family as possible. Then, ask students to come up with a sentence, poem, or short story using the words they thought of.
  • Divide the class into two or more teams. Flip over a card for each team. Each team has to think of as many words for their card as possible. Whichever team thinks of the most words wins! Or, have each team come up with a poem using their words.
  • Drag and flip four to eight cards onto the board. Ask students to categorize them based on the vowels used.

Visit classplayground.com for more resources and printables related to word families.